01 February, 2011

1st Feb. Preparation

2月1日 準備だぞ

I prepared for my business trip to Niuafo’ou Island, which is located 600 km from Tongatapu. It’s almost to Samoa. There are only 2 primary schools there but this year, thanks to the new syllabus, they are supposed to start abacus education, so I need to go there.
 Among the Japanese who are in Tonga, no one has gone there before. I am happy to visit such a rare place. Of course it’s very rural and there is no electricity there. I cannot wait.


Almost every day, I visit the JICA dormitory, because the Internet in CDU has been down (maybe because of unpaid bills). Recently, I sent e-mails a lot to the outer islands, JICA office, Japan and so on, because I am doing a lot of work at the same time.

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