22 January, 2011

22nd Jan. New YAMANEKO doll

1月22日 新しい山ネコ大明神だぞ

I made a regular YAMANEKO doll and the two world’s smallest YAMANEKO dolls. Recently, I was a little bit busy, so it was the first time that I made YAMANEKO dolls this year. Darn!


Anyway, I made it very well, because I have the spirit of a true YAMANEKO workman. Compared with abacus edition YAMANEKO dolls and the first joint of my little finger, how small the YAMANEKO is!


In general, the world’s smallest YAMANEKO is for a strap of a cell-phone or something, but this YAMANEKO is for a different purpose. I will tell you some days later.
 Miyuki, who is a Ha’apai volunteer, gave me the idea. It will be the new special edition YAMANEKO. The great hint is that she is a kindergarten teacher. Thank you for giving me the advice, I can complete your YAMANEKO soon.

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