20 January, 2011

20th Jan. Powerful Workshop

Powerful Workshop
1月20日 パワフルなワークショップだぞ・・・

At 9 o’clock, we visited GPS Nuku’alofa, which is located very close to CDU, on foot. I met 4 teachers, who were in TIOE as serving teachers last year.


We got used to our workshop. Sefo looked dignified at that time, but after that…
[Movie]Sefo’s explanation動画:(23sec)

We moved to GPS Fanga which is close to my house, then we met Talahiva, who is the science team leader, talking about her subject’s syllabus contents.


She is very powerful so all of the participants were fascinated by her talking. I thought actually her voice is very big and strong, in addition she has her speech well-organized. I mean when she is talking about very important content, the participants listen carefully, on the other hand, when she is talking about nonsense, they laugh a lot.
[Movie]Talahiva talk動画:(21 sec,30 sec,5 sec, 53sec)

We gave our workshop after her’s, but compared with Talahiva’s talk, our presentation looked powerless. It’s not our fault. She is too powerful.
[Movie]Sefo’s explanation動画:(13sec)

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