19 January, 2011

19th Jan. We went around the western district.

We went around the western district.
1月19日 西地区を廻ったぞ~

We left CDU around 8:30. It was better than yesterday. We visited 2 central schools in the western district.


First, we visited GPS Houma. Sefo was working for this school until last year, so he knows all of the teachers and seemed to feel the place is a good working environment.
 There was no screen for a projector, so I used my bed sheet. It works very well.


41 teachers came together from 9 schools. I met Aloisia, who is a charismatic teacher in Ha’apai. She moved to GPS Pea this year. Oh long time no see! Aloisia is the second lady from the right in the picture and wearing the black clothe.
 Tongatapu Island got a great teacher. Though, Ha’apai Island lost the very important teacher, Tupou, who is also charismatic, is doing a workshop today with Kimika. Good luck!

After the first workshop, we moved to GPS Kolovai. Sefo is waiting until the previous workshop finishes.


There were 38 teachers, who came from 9 primary schools in the western district. Sefo met a lot of acquaintances as well. Here is like his home as well.

GPS Kolovai had no screen either, instead there was a white wall over the blackboard, so I projected the presentation onto the wall. Though, it looked too high, Sefo managed to do the presentation. Sai ‘aupito!
[Movie]Sefo’s explanation動画:(40sec)

After we came back to CDU, we counted how many abacuses we had in stock. We have to distribute them to the outer island’s outer islands, very small islands.
Ha’apai has 14 outer islands, Vava’u has 11, then Niuatoputapu and Niuafo’ou (5 schools ) have to start abacus education from now on. It amounts to 30 schools and 420 pupils. I found that CDU has 35 teachers’ big abacuses, and 280 pupils’ abacuses in stock.

Tomorrow, we will fix some pupils’ abacuses and increase the number close to 420. By the way, maybe soon, 1500 abacuses will come to Tonga. Thank you! I cannot wait.
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