25 January, 2011

25th Jan. Cyclone might come.

Cyclone might come.
1月25日 サイクロンが来たかも

Our workshop was cancelled because of a cyclone. I think it was just cloudy today, but a weather forecast said the cyclone will come…I can say Tongans got a great excuse to have a leave. Anyway, our workshop will be busy tomorrow, because of this cyclone. This is our damage.

We are staying at Vava’u High School, and visited Sela, who was a TIOE deputy principal last year.


She has become a principal in this school. Congratulations on your promotion.


We had an early lunch at the Chinese restaurant with Sefo and Taichi.


After that, we visited the school’s office and prepared something for our workshop.


From a school’s officer Pungatoa, we heard that 4 ladies in our group will move to the other accommodation from Vava’u High School, though they were staying in a much bigger accommodation than Sefo and Torojiro’s.  Anyway, we cannot use electricity and tap water while we are in Vava’u. We decided to stay in Vava’u High, because it’s a very good practice for Niuas Island next week.


In the evening, we called on Taichi. We talked and used the Internet a lot. Taichi called to Hirono, who is an ‘Eua volunteer and in the same group of Taichi, by Skype. Hirono is pretty, so Sefo likes her very much. Sefo wanted to send his love to her and asked me how he can say “I love you” in Japanese. In general we say “Hirono ga suki desu”, but she was in Kyoto, so I taught him a dialect “Hirono ga suki yanen” She was fascinated by his speech.
 After that, I wrote my blog by candlelight as usual. I got used to the Vava’u life.
夜、Taichiさんを訪れ、たくさん話したりインターネットをしたりしました。Taichiさんがエウアリアンで同期隊員のHironoさんにスカイプで電話しました。Hironoさんは可愛らしいので、Sefoさんが彼女のことをとても気に入っています。愛を送りたいようで、「 I  LOVE  YOU 」を日本語で何と言えばいいか、聞いてきました。彼女は京都に住んでいたので、方言を教えました「Hironoが好きやねん」。彼女は彼の言葉に魅了されました。


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