27 January, 2011

27th Jan. Serious damage in Tongatapu

Serious damage in Tongatapu
1月27日 トンガタプの深刻なダメージ

It was the second workshop in Vava’u. There were two centers in Vava’u and about 60 teachers came together in each center. I don’t know the name of this hall; I only know that usually a kava party is held in the hall.
[Movie]Opening song動画:(20sec)

Sefo taught exactly the same content as yesterday. It’s sure, Sefo gained confidence. Thank you for your trouble.
[Movie]Demonstration動画:(9sec, 35sec)

We left Vava’u around 4 o’clock. We were very busy this time. Bye-bye Vava’u…oh, I remember, I’m going to come here next week to catch a connecting flight to Niuafo’ou Island. See you next week!

The cyclone had come to Tongatapu on 25 Jan. It seemed to be no damage, but when I came back to my house…

Oh!!!!!!!!!!! What’s this????????????????

The ceramic YAMANEKO doll was broken. What happened? Immediately I realized everything. I put the special edition YAMANEKO dolls on TV and when the cyclone came, I forgot to shut a louvered window correctly (because I was in Vava’u) so the curtain, behind the TV, was blowing in the strong wind, and then the curtain hit the dolls and knocked them onto the floor. Oh man! Fortunately, the other special edition YAMANEKO dolls (an abacus, a toothbrush, the Dolls’ Festival and African drum) were safe.
 I will fix it with Japanese glue.
陶器製の山ネコが壊れていました。ギャー首が転がっている~~! 何が起こったんだ??すぐに全てが分かりました。特別バージョンの山ネコをテレビの上に置いていました。サイクロンが来た時、ルーバーの窓をしっかり閉めるのを忘れていました(ババウにいたから・・・)。そして強風でテレビの後ろのカーテンがなびきました。それでカーテンが特別バージョンの山ネコ達にぶつかったのです。その後彼らは床の上に落ちました。なんてこった・・・。幸い他の特別バージョン(そろばん、歯ブラシ、ひな祭り、アフリカの太鼓山ネコ)達は無事でした。

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