09 December, 2010

9th Dec. New Peace Corps Volunteers

New Peace Corps Volunteers
12月9日 新しいピースコープボランティア

At last I have received my package. The post office worker, whom I talked to yesterday, called me an hour after like we promised. Actually he called me so I should appreciate his work as a Tongan.
 Someone fixed the outside of my package, thank you, and then, we confirmed the contents inside. Fortunately everything was safe, nothing was stolen. I felt relieved. Instead, my family made a serious mistake. The size of my bicycle tube was wrong. Hopefully my sister, Akiko, will bring it.

After Melissa’s lesson, we had dinner at an Indian curry & rice shop. From the left this is Jinnet and Ofa, who are the new Peace Corps volunteers. They had finished 2 months training in Ha’apai last Friday. Nice to meet you. Their new houses are not available yet, so they need to stay in St. Andrew’s accommodation, Melissa’s workplace, for a few days. I am familiar with Peace Corps information thanks to Melissa and Lavinia, who is my landlord and is working for the Peace Corps Office.

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