23 December, 2010

23rd Dec. I wrote New Year’s cards.

I wrote New Year’s cards.
12月23日 年賀状を書いたぞ~

Last year, my family forwarded the New Year’s cards which my acquaintances sent to my Osaka or Nagano’s address to Tonga in February 2010. After that I wrote a reply to them, so my New Year’s cards arrived at their house in nearly March. It was not a New Year…
 This time, I know that some of my acquaintances will send the New Year’s card to me, so I decided to write my cards before I receive them.
 Today, I made 5 cards. Three of them go to Japan, the other one goes to Central America, and another one goes to Africa.
 When it becomes New Year in 2011, I will ask my family to send New Year’s cards’ photo to Tonga by an e-mail so I can reply to them immediately. It’s my new strategy.
In the afternoon, I went to the post office. Unfortunately it was closed. From 23 Dec. to 4 Jan. they will only work half of the day, so I have to come here tomorrow in the morning. Instead, I had a good idea. I will describe it tomorrow.

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