14 December, 2010

14th Dec. I went to Hihifo.

I went to Hihifo.
12月14日 Hihifoへ行ったぞ

Melissa had gone to California to meet her relatives and acquaintances. Have a safe trip and a good time in the US.
 Fortunately, Sela can teach me English while Melissa is away from Tonga for 3 weeks. I am very happy to live in a good environment. Sela lives in Hihifo, which is located 17 km from my house, Nuku’alofa. I think 17 km is very close, so I decided to walk rapidly to get there.
 It took me 35 minutes by aggressive walking.


She is working for a church primary school. She corrected my blog politely and pleasantly. By the way, my “Aggressive walking” has become very popular among Peace Corps Volunteers, maybe because I am writing the article about my going for a walk often. They seem to think it is funny.
 When we were talking about my articles, my special Mabo-tofu, I found that Sela really likes Mabo-tofu. Some days later, I’d like to make it for Sela. Please look forward to my special Mabo-tofu. I can say, writing the blog in English is useful, because it connects country and country or person and person. That’s the same as YAMANEKO.
 I gave her a pineapple, a Japanese holding fan and No.264 YAMANEKO doll. Last time I met her, she requested the black with green bell YAMANEKO so I prepared it for her. She was pleased. In front of her school, we took a photo.

On the way back to Nuku’alofa, I took a photo of bats. Kolovai is famous for its “Flying Fox”, which is a nest of bats.

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