07 December, 2010

7th Dec. Old boys went to karaoke.

Old boys went to karaoke.
12月7日 おっさんカラオケへ行く!

At TIOE I gave a supplement exam for the year 3 students and for the year 2 students. Hopefully all of them pass the exam. If some of them fail it I cannot give them anymore.

Around 3 o’clock, I called on the post office. I was supposed to receive two packages, which my family sent from Japan. Unfortunately, the packages were broken. Oh man! Maybe someone stole something inside. So I left them at the post office and decided to ask my family about the contents. Tomorrow I will confirm the contents at the post office. It’s common in developing countries.

Fortunately, the most important thing, garlic chips, arrived in Tonga safely. I was relieved.

Later that day, I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant with 10 volunteers. After that…

Three boys went to the Korean restaurant to enjoy karaoke. Of course it was stuffy karaoke, but we made an effort to sing songs as much as possible. We sang songs for 2 hours without a rest. Our voices will be hoarse tomorrow.

By the way, Naminami, who is my same group member, is addicted to Karaoke.

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