05 December, 2010

5th Dec. I learned how to make a Mabo-tofu.

I learned how to make a Mabo-tofu.
12月5日 麻婆豆腐を覚えたぞ~ 

I like a Mabo-tofu, bean cured sautéed with ground meat and chili pepper in a thick sauce. I used to make it with a mix of Mabo-tofu. I open a package and add it into a pan with bean curd.
It was my first time to make it with seasonings and materials, from scratch. These are the seasonings.

I am drunken now, so I cannot explain well… anyway, thanks to Kuniko, who is a Japanese language teacher, I understood how to make it.
 I will make my special Mabo-tofu, of course with a lot of garlic, next Saturday at the farewell party.

We had a great dinner party at Kuniko’s house. There was lots of food: dumplings, salad, fish, fried chicken and Mabo-tofu.

Thank you for inviting us. We had a very good time.

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