04 December, 2010

4th Dec. Bicycle & Tennis

Bicycle & Tennis
12月4日 チャリとテニスだぞ

At seven thirty, I participated in a bicycle event. The starting point was the post office.  A Dutch internet company was the sponsor, but I was not really sure of the purpose. Anyway, It was free to participate in the event so I wanted to ride my bicycle.
 Extra Photos
Aya, who is an aerobics instructor, led us by riding the leading car. This is a police car.

We cycled 25 km in about an hour. It was good exercise.

After that, Aya and I went to the Emerald restaurant. I especially like this dumpling. We ate the dumpling, fried noodles, egg soup and steamed rice. Everything was delicious.

Around 3 o’clock, I played tennis. 3 months has passed since the last time I did it. I have to train my muscles more. I am a beginner but thanks to everyone’s help, I could enjoy the game.

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