25 December, 2010

25th Dec. I visited Te’ekiu village.

I visited Te’ekiu village.
12月25日 Te’ekiu村に行ったぞ~
I went to Te’ekiu village, which my landlord Misi is from, with Misi, Lavinia and their 3 kids. It took us 20 minutes by car. Maybe it will take 25 minutes by aggressive walking.


First, we visited their church. Misi is the secretary of the church. He preached very well.
[Movie] Misi’s sermon動画:(18 sec)

During the church, Lavinia went to the front, and then started reading the story about Christmas.
[Movie] Lavinia read to the kids動画:(20 sec)

Going to a church, sometime, is good.  If I go to a church every week, I will be bored


After that, I joined a kava party. Maybe it was my first time to drink kava in the afternoon.
[Movie] kava party in the afternoon動画:(11 sec)

And then, we ate the Christmas meal and I ate all I wanted. I think I cannot eat a lot like Tongan adults. Perhaps my level is primary school kids.

Finally, I participated in the kava party again. Though I am not sure the reason, we moved to the other place next to the previous one. Anyway, I drank kava a lot today.


  1. Well, I am Semisi younger brother now living here at Japan with my family..I would like to meet you sometime..e-mail tklei2002@yahoo.com Regards..tklei

  2. Thank you for your comment Takai Palei

    Yes, we should meet. Let me send you an e-mail and keep in touch from now on.
    Toki sio anai! Tolu