06 December, 2010

6th Dec. After a long time away I went to the Blow Holes.

After a long time way, I went to the Blow Holes.
12月6日 久しぶりにブロウホールに行ったぞ

Around noon, I ate a Mabo-tofu, which was left over from Kuniko’s house last night. It was still delicious.

At the JICA dormitory, I used the Internet, because the Internet is down at CDU. The PC engineer, Super Toni, is on a leave and he is traveling around Australia with his brother for 6 months, so no one can fix the trouble. Oh my god…

At 6 o’clock PM, I went for an aggressive walk. It had been 2 weeks since last time I went to the Blow Holes. On purpose, I went by a roundabout way, so it took me a little more than an hour to walk 30 km distance. I walked a lot.

It was high tide at that time. When the wave comes…What dynamic scenery!
[Movie] Blow Holes動画:(25 sec, 11 sec, 12 sec)
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