20 December, 2010

20th Dec. Neko-chan’s hunt

Neko-chan’s hunt12月20日 Nekoちゃんの狩りだぞ

During my work at CDU, I started writing a report, which the JICA volunteers have to submit every 6 months. Because I am not so busy now, I had better do it when I have the time.

At Molisi (super market in Nuku’alofa), I bought a portable bicycle pump for 4 pa’anga (200yen). I used it at once. Compared with the previous one, which was broken recently, obviously it doesn’t have a power so it cannot pump up my road racer bicycle, which needs very high pressured tires. It’s only for my normal bicycle. Anyway, it’s good for carrying.
 By the way, I have a high quality portable pump for my road racer bicycle.

At home, I saw Neko-chan chasing a Japanese gecko. It was small and looked delicious. Though she chased it eagerly…
[Movie] Neko-chan’s hunt動画:(18 sec)

the gecko was good at hiding. At last, she failed in her hunt, and then she gave up her game. I am sorry for your situation, but I cannot help you. Neko-chan should be wild in my house.

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