10 December, 2010

10th Dec. Barber Shouko

Barber Shouko
12月10日 バーバーしょうこ

In the afternoon, I went to TIOE and brought these materials: teacher’s books, pupil’s books, abacuses, to CDU by Yukio’s car. He is my colleague and thank you for your help. I will check everything whether the students used them carefully or not, and keep it until the next semester.

At 5 o’clock, I went to the barber Shouko. My group volunteer, Shouko, cut my hair. Thank you very much. Though she said that she made a mistake a little bit, I think her cutting skill is pretty good.
 In the photo, Katuya, who is a new group volunteer, is cutting his hair by using hair clippers. Taki, who is my group member, is standing with the Buddha smile as usual.

After I came back home, I enjoyed jump roping with Amelia, Takai and Tonga. Their physical ability is getting better every day.

The youngest kid, Tonga, is too small to enjoy jump roping. Instead he was singing songs a lot. That’s cute.

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