13 December, 2010

13th Dec. I gave Mabo-tofu to my landlord.

I gave Mabo-tofu to my landlord.
12月13日 麻婆豆腐を大家さんにあげたぞ~。

I went to the airport to see Hitomi off.

She worked as a PC engineer for 6 months and made an important organization system in her workplace.

Thank you for your trouble. We wish you good luck in Japan. Toki sio!

In the evening, I made my special Mabo-tofu, and then I gave some of it to my landlord. While I was making it, Amelia was very interested in my cooking, so I passed it to Amelia. They were all pleased.
 Sometimes my landlords give me a meal so it was in return, but…

Immediately, my landlords, Misi and Lavinia, gave me pineapples and bananas. Can I say that I returned the favor? Anyway, we have a very good relationship.

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