30 December, 2010

30th Dec. Cave Diving

Cave Diving
12月30日 洞窟ダイビングだぞ~

In the morning, I gave No.269 YAMANEKO doll to Aya, who is working at Vaiola hospital and by chance she was in ‘Eua and is going back to Japan with the same airplane on 3 Jan. with Akiko and Chie.

At 8:30, we arrived at the divers’ shop and started scuba diving. At last, we achieved a cave diving. To tell the truth, the cave is for advanced divers and only Torojiro was a beginner, but the instructor Wolfgun determined by yesterday’s dive that Torojiro was ready for the cave. Some people say it is the most beautiful cave diving point in the south pacific.
 Of course I saw too much beautiful scenery so I cannot explain in a short sentence. But anyway I was so excited.
[Movie]Under the water動画:(20sec)

I was scared that I may get caught between the rocks, but actually it was not so dangerous.


How fantastic the cave is!

We saw a lot of fish. This is tuna.

What’s this? Oh…SHARK!!! Of course it was my first time to see a real shark under the water. I am in the same place. This is not an aquarium. We saw 5 sharks.

This is a ceiling (surface) which we watched from the bottom of the cave. This time we dived to 32m.

We dived 4 times in 2 days and were satisfied with these dives very much.

Thank you for your instruction Wolfgun. He is a very good instructor.

When the sun set, there was a thick cloud around the horizon. Though we could not see the setting sun,

We saw a beautiful rainbow instead.

After that, we called on Pesi and confirmed the plan, which is about tomorrow’s sightseeing.

Pesi’s youngest daughter Lalu (3 years old) is very good at dancing. What a cute girl!

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