11 December, 2010

11th Dec. Farewell party & Old boys meeting

Farewell party & Old boys meeting
12月11日 送別会とおっさん部会だぞ

Around noon, I started making my special Mabo-tofu. I used three whole bulbs of garlic. It amounted to more than 30 cloves of garlic. I wanted to use more, but some of the volunteers may not be able to eat it, so I used only three.

I pressed some of the garlic, and I chopped some of the others. By chance I remembered that my family sent me garlic chips so I added those as well.

After that, I cooked it properly at last, and I completed my special Mabo-tofu. How poor my explanation is, except for the explanation about garlic!

Before 5 o’clock, I went to the JICA dormitory and prepared for the farewell party. This is Kuniko, who taught me how to make Mabo-tofu thank you, and Taki, who is my same group and has his Buddha face.

After we started the party, my special Mabo-tofu ran out first. Good job!

Four volunteers are going back to Japan soon. Thank you for your trouble.

Some of the volunteers stayed at the dormitory after the party until 1 o’clock. We talked a lot.

Finally the usual old boys stayed after 1 o’clock. Of course it was an unexciting meeting. Oh my goodness. I took a photo to upload it to my blog, YAMANEKO’S DIARY. They know well about my blog so they are pretending to be YAMANEKO. What stuffy old boys! At 6 o’clock, we closed the party. We were so sleepy.

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