24 December, 2010

24th Dec. We forgot a lot of things.

We forgot a lot of things.
12月24日 いっぱい忘れたぞ~

I visited a West Pac Bank to exchange an old bill for a new one. I had a good idea that I can put a paper money in my New Year’s greetings envelopes as a rare souvenir from Tonga. In general, putting money in an envelope is a violation in Japan. This is Tonga, so it must be no problem.
After that, I mailed envelopes at the post office.


I was supposed to meet Sela at Little Tokyo around 11 o’clock. She did not come and though I called her a lot, she didn’t answer. What happened?


Instead, I took the Santa Claus’s photo. After I took the photo, I noticed that he is standing here all year round.


At CDU, Runca, who is my abacus student, was supposed to take a supplemental exam. Last time I did it, she could not come to TIOE, but this time, she didn’t come either, because of her back pain. I am wondering whether she wants to pass the exam.

At night, I had a small party with my landlords. In Tonga, 25 Dec. is more important than 24. We will go to Te’ekiu, which is the landlord Misi’s village, tomorrow. I forgot to take a photo of my landlords. Maybe tomorrow I will.

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