08 December, 2010

8th Dec. Although I don’t expect anymore.

Although I don’t expect anymore.
12月8日 もう期待していませんけどね・・・

After work, a few minutes after 4 o’clock, I visited the post office and asked one officer to give me the package, which was broken yesterday. I confirmed the contents with my family in Japan. The officer in the photo looked for my package and said “We cannot find your package. Only the lady, whom you talked to yesterday, knows where your package is”.
 I realized that he knows where my package is, but he just doesn’t want to work hard because the post office is supposed to close at 4 o’clock. No one can lose the package in such a small room.
 Anyway, they should share the customers’ information. He asked my phone number to let me know whether they find it or not tomorrow, but I could not rely on him.
“When will you call me?” I asked.
“Well ….at 9 AM” He replied.
Thank you, I will wait for your call without expectation. Tongan public service is completely poor.

At 5 o’clock, 4 volunteers, who will go back to Japan soon, reported their activities in Tonga. Thank you for your trouble. By the way, our group’s turn is 3 times later from these reports. 
5時に4人のボランティアが帰国報告会をしました。お疲れ様でした。 自分たちの隊次の発表はこれの後3回目です。お~~。

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