22 December, 2010

22nd Dec. I wrote a letter to my successor.

I wrote a letter to my successor.
12月22日 後任さんへ手紙を書いたぞ~

I made a document, which describes my job, for my successor. Now, nobody knows whether my successor can come to Tonga or not, hopefully someone will come to CDU as my replacement in September or October 2011, just after I go back to Japan.
 It seems as if I want to go back to Japan soon or I am worried about far into the future. But that is not the case. Actually, I have to explain about CDU work correctly to Sefo, who is Miwa’s successor, in January. I started describing the details of our jobs. I have to refer to not only Miwa’s job, but also my job, because Sefo needs to understand the whole CDU work to prepare for the future, when I go back to Japan and in case no one comes after me. That’s the reason why I needed to write about far into the future. First, I started to write it in Japanese and as a result it became the letter to my successor.


At dinner, I made my special Mabo-tofu. It was delicious, but I remembered that I ate the other Mabo-tofu at a Chinese restaurant around noon. Anyway, I like Mabo-tofu.

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