26 December, 2010

26th Dec. Cleaning, Neko-chan, YAMANEKO-KO.

Cleaning, Neko-chan, YAMANEKO-KO.
12月26日 掃除、Nekoちゃん、山ネコ子だぞ
Almost the whole day, I was in my house, and was cleaning for my sister. Akiko, who is my younger sister, and Chie, who is Akiko’s friend, are on the way to Tonga now. They are supposed to stay in my house so I needed to clean their room. Fortunately, my house has 3 rooms, so I can lend the other two rooms for them.


In Japan, at the end of the year, we usually clean our house thoroughly. Though there is not such a Japanese custom in Tonga, as a result I did it well and my house became very clean.

I was watching Neko-chan while I cleaned my room. She really likes sitting on my bag. This is the special seat for Neko-chan.


Yesterday, I saw Neko-chan on the shelf which hangs from the ceiling. I had a good idea to train Neko-chan. I put her feeder on the shelf. Of course she could reach the place easily. Neko-chan’s physical ability is pretty good.
[Movie]Neko-chan’s jump動画:(43 sec)

After that, I showed her a dried seaweed, which is her favorite food. Neko-chan has become used to catching it. Neko-chan improved her hunting ability.
[Movie] Dried seaweed動画:(31 sec)

After she ate food, she started sleeping. It was very hot today, so she didn’t want to do anything except for eating and sleeping. This is exactly the Tongan cat.
[Movie] Sleepy Neko-chan動画:(47 sec)

I have almost completed the two abacus edition YAMANEKO dolls. One is YAMANEKO, and another one is YAMANEKO-KO, female YAMANEKO. YAMANEKO will go to Yumi’s house, and YAMANEKO-KO will go to Asami’s house.

Somedays ago, Asami advised me how to make eyelashes, I followed her advice, and moved it to a new place.


Compared with the previous one. How is it?

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