17 December, 2010

17th Dec. Old boys meeting with the guest of honor.

Old boys meeting with the guest of honor.
12月17日 おっさん部会にスペシャルゲストだぞ

After work, I made my special Mabo-tofu for the old boys meeting, which is held in my house. I used three whole bulbs of garlic. It’s quite normal or maybe short of garlic a little bit.

5 stuffy old boys came together, but today’s meeting was completely different from our usual one. Hirono, who is an ‘Eua volunteer and went around the outer islands to run the abacus competition with me, participated in the meeting. She has been very interested in the old boys meeting for a long time and really wanted to join us, so we invited her as a guest of honor.
 At first, she was surprised at the atmosphere, but soon she seemed to get used to it. We talked nonsense, drank beers or soft drinks, played the game a lot as usual. Thanks to Hirono, the meeting was not stuffy, but really exciting.
Next time, we will invite you as a member of the old boys meeting. Thank you very much.

At the end of the meeting, I gave No.265 YAMANEKO doll to Kenichi, and gave No.266 YAMANEKO doll to Katsuya. They are almost my age.

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