03 December, 2010

3rd Dec. The semi final exam this year.

The semi final exam this year.
12月3日 今年最後から2番目の試験

At TIOE, I gave a supplement exam for the year 3 students. Last time, 3 out of 10 students passed it. This time, 3 out of 7 has passed. Next Tuesday, I will give them exactly the final supplement exam. I won’t make them fail next time, because they were eagerly practicing and they are using their abacus correctly. I just want to tell them that making an effort is very important.
 The students who took the supplement exam had a good attitude and good attendance, but by chance they could not get a good mark, so I decided to help them.
On the other hand, some of the others had a bad attitude, poor attendance and completely no studying. As a result they got bad marks. In this case I never help them. Though Tongan teachers help them…In my class, fortunately (?) they can study one more year instead of graduating. You may make an effort next year!
I seemed to be very strict, but I can say I became very lazy after I came to Tonga. I was stricter when I gave a weekly small test to my Japanese primary school students than when I gave a very important final term end examination to TIOE students. How strange the situation is!
TIOE is the only teacher training school in Tonga. Teachers should be strict, so I cannot be lazy any more.

After that, I checked 50 students notebooks. I had already finished marking the final exam papers but I have not completed their evaluations of semester 2. This weekend I will finish them (85 students’ evaluations).

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