15 December, 2010

15th Dec. I was waiting for you.

I was waiting for you.
12月15日 待っていたぞ~

Some days ago, I heard that Sefo, who is a GPS Houma teacher, can come to CDU as a successor of Miwa. I was very pleased, because I know him very much and of course he is a very good abacus teacher in Tonga. He has been to Japan twice to participate in the abacus camp.
 Today, he came to CDU to exchange greetings and make sure he knows how to do the job which he needs to do next year. He is supposed to start working in CDU from 4th January. I am so excited to be able to work with him.
 This is Sefo and his nephew Steven, who usually lives in New Zealand.

After I explained about the content of our job, I asked him to create his e-mail address. If he makes his e-mail address, he can contact me after I go back to Japan, and ask Miwa, who is the embassy officer now, something about abacus programs easily. He is not good at using a PC now, but it’s sure if he continues using his PC, he will become used to the PC.
 I am really looking forward to the beginning of next year.

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