31 December, 2010

31th Dec. Aggressive Sightseeing in ‘Eua

Aggressive Sightseeing in ‘Eua
12月31日 攻撃的エウア観光だぞ

We ate breakfast at 8 o’clock, and then started an aggressive sightseeing.

First, we visited Fangatave beach.

There are a lot of cliffs in ‘Eua. If we want, we can fall down easily.

We came down from the top of the cliff, and then…

arrived at very big caves. It’s my third time to get there.

Beside the caves, there is a beautiful beach, Fangatave.
[Movie]Fangatave beach動画:(29 sec)

After that, we visited Ana kuma cave, which is located in the national park in the middle of  ‘Eua Island. After we go into the hole…
その後、エウアの中部national parkにあるAna kumaという洞窟を訪れました。その穴に入った後・・・


we need to come down from another hole, which you can find above Chie, in the picture.

Finally, we can see the beautiful scenery from the natural lookout point in the cliff.

This is the other lookout point, close to Ana kuma.
 これはAna kuma近くにある他の展望台です。

After the lookout point, we visited a big ovava tree, which is in the national park.
 その展望台の後、national parkにある大きなovavaの木を訪れました。

We can come down to the roots. It was dynamic as usual.

This is the Natural Land Bridge, which is located in the south of ‘Eua Island. If you climb up on the safety fence like this photo,

you can take such a beautiful picture, though it’s a little bit dangerous.


This is another photo from the lookout point. The bridge is bigger than the Tongatapu one.


Finally, we got to the rock Garden. This is Pesi, her husband Sema, and her son Soane. Thanks to your help, we could go sightseeing aggressively. Malo ‘aupito.
 最後にRock Gardenに行きました。Pesi先生、夫のSemaさん、そして息子のSoane君です。あなた達のお陰で攻撃的に観光できました。ありがとうございます。

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