01 December, 2010

1st Dec. I swam with my bicycle.

I swam with my bicycle.
12月1日 自転車と一緒に泳いだぞ~

It was raining almost the whole day. When it became a light rain in the morning, I managed to get CDU, but after that I could not went outside anymore.


At 5 o’clock, the rain stopped for a little while. When I visited Melissa’s place, St. Andrew High School, the road beside the school had become like a lake. But in any case I must have passed through the lake to get Melissa’s house. I decided to swim with my bicycle. At last…
[Movie] Swimming with my bicycle動画:(61 sec)

I succeeded in passing through the lake. Good job! By the way, this is not so rare. Every time it rains heavily, Tongan road becomes like that.
 湖を通り通り抜ける事に成功しました。よくやった! ところでこれはそんなに珍しくないです。毎回雨が激しく降るたびに、トンガの道はこのようになります。

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