02 December, 2010

2nd Dec. Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremony
12月2日 卒業式だぞ

It was the TIOE graduation ceremony today. The students, who were year 3 last year, received a diploma. It looks like strange, because the year 3 students (the last year’s students now) can get their diploma next year. I don’t know why, but only the TIOE students are doing like that.

My friend Paea, who is Miwa’s son and professional coconut tree climber, received his diploma as well. Now he is working for the Tongan Side School and in charge of class 5. This is Paea and Miwa, who used to be my counterpart and the first abacus volunteer in Tonga.

Paea and Torojiro.

Oh, Litea! I met her in ‘Eua last week. She changed her job and is working as a bank officer now.

During the ceremony, of course we could watch a Tongan dance. The girl standing in the front is Leata, who is my abacus student, and the third girl is Sila, who is CDU worker, Monika’s daughter. Their dance was pretty good.
[Movie] Tongan dance動画:(19 sec)

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