18 December, 2010

18th Dec. Dinner party & Old boys’ meeting

Dinner party & Old boys’ meeting
12月18日 夕食会とおっさん部会

I woke up late, because last night, we had a refreshing old boys’ meeting until late.

In the afternoon, I enjoyed a game of tennis. In Tonga, it’s getting hotter, but I have to train my body as much as I can.

Around 6 o’clock PM, we came together at Kenichi’s house, and had a dinner party. I made my special Mabo-tofu and brought it to the party. Everyone was pleased.
 Around 10 o’clock, 8 stuffy boys were left. Obviously, the old boys’ meeting was unexciting, but we talked and played cards a lot until 6 o’clock in the morning.

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