29 December, 2010

29th Dec. Scuba diving in ‘Eua.

Scuba diving in ‘Eua
12月29日 エウアでスキューバダイビングだぞ

At seven thirty, my landlord, Misi brought us to the domestic airport. Malo ‘aupito. The airplane to ‘Eua is like a taxi.


Akiko sat on the copilot seat.

After we arrived in ‘Eua, our accommodation’s owner, Taki, came to the airport and picked us up. In Japan we are rarely able to ride on a load-carrying platform. They were very pleased.

When we visited the scuba diving shop, Deep Blue, the owner said that they didn’t know we were coming. Actually I booked nearly one month ago in Tongatapu, so their contact was not good. Anyway, they prepared right away, so 2 hours later we could do it.


While we were waiting, we went for a short walk. We visited the West Pac Bank and met Letea, who was my abacus class student, and then we visited the market. Lea, who is a TIOE student and takes Japanese language class, called my name. We talked a lot in Japanese. Your Japanese is very good!

Around 1 o’clock, we went scuba diving at last.

The instructor Wolfgun, who is from Germany, really likes narrow point. We passed through tunnels a lot. It was scary but interesting.


This is Chie and Torojiro.

We saw a lot of beautiful and attractive scenery under the water.

After the diving, we jumped into the sea in turn, and then

ate sandwich at the diver’s shop,

had dinner at Hideaway, accommodation.

At 7:30, we watched the beautiful evening glow from the seaside. We will go cave diving, which is advanced level, tomorrow. It must be fine!

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