02 February, 2011

2nd Feb. Postponement

I updated About YAMANEKO and YAMANEKO pictures from all over the worldThank you for giving me a photo. Makiko is working in India as a Japanese language teacher.
This time she visited Cochin, which is in south west India, with YAMANEKO. She said it seems to be Europe because this is a resort especially for French people. 

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2月2日 延期だぞ

Chatham Pacific Airlines, the Tongan domestic airline company, called CDU and told that our plane to go to Niuafo’ou tomorrow was postponed until the following day. Maybe there is no reason. This is Tonga but anyway, I can prepare for there a lot.
 トンガの国内線会社Chatham PacificCDUに電話をかけてきて教えてくれました。明日のNiuafo’ou島行きの飛行機は1日延期になりました。たぶん理由はありません。なんとなく・・・。これがトンガ。でもとにかくたくさん準備ができます。

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