14 February, 2011

14th Feb. We walked around Niuafo’ou.

We walked around Niuafo’ou.
2月14日 ニウアフォオウ一周だぞ

We observed every subject’s class and advised something. I forgot to take a photo. There are only movies. Anyway, they were teaching eagerly.
[Movie]Abacus class動画:(33sec, 18sec)

Around 1 o’clock, I visited Niua-High-School to take a photo of the building which JICA ordered. This is the building for a seismometer. Talo in the picture said they can complete it this week.
[Movie]Building 動画:(10sec, 12sec,11sec)

After work, I was supposed to go to Futu wharf by car, but I missed my ride. I was at a loss but fortunately, 3 teachers talked with me politely and we decided to go around Niuafo’ou on foot.

When we walked for 1 hour and a half, we bought soft drinks and noodles at the shop in Tongamama’o village. This is the last shop.

This is GPS Tongamama’o.

After Petani village, which is the last village,…

The scenery becomes like a jungle.

On the way, we climbed a lava mountain.
[Movie] Lava mountain動画:(14sec,13sec,)

After 4 hours walk, we arrived at Futu village and wharf which I came to on 11 Feb.
[Movie] Futu village and wharf動画:(16sec, 14sec)

We arrived at our accommodation at last. It took 5 hours to walk around Niuafo’ou. It became our great experience. Thank you for walking together with me, Salesi, Palu and Sioeli.

At 9:30 PM, I called on Palu. This is Palu and Sioeli’s accommodation.

Palu and I enjoyed a kava party until 1 o’clock AM. Sioeli and Salesi were sleeping.

What’s this? Oh, a water tank is lodging in the wall. Palu said, it’s common. Really?

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