15 February, 2011

15th Feb. Sudden Holiday

Sudden Holiday
2月15日 突然の休日

It rained heavily from the morning, so the school was canceled. I kept sleeping until 10 o’clock because I drank a lot of kava last night.

Because we finished our water, Kulima, who is the driver, pumped up the water to the roof by a generator. While the generator was on, I recharged my laptop PC and camera’s battery. We got used to the inconvenient life.

We had nothing to do at home today. The ladies started making a Tongan traditional medicine from tree bark. I helped them.

At 6 o’clock, I joined a kava party until half past 11. I can participate in the party once more before we go back. Though if the airplane cannot come, I will go to a kava party many times, I want to go back to Tongatapu on schedule.

I saw a beautiful sunset (evening glow). In Japan, people say when the sunset (evening glow) appears, tomorrow will be fine. In Niuafo’ou, it’s different from the other islands. Anyway, the weather on Thursday (17 Feb.) is the most important.  

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