10 February, 2011

10th Feb. The last day of our workshop

The last day of our workshop
2月10日 ワークショップ最終日だぞ

I taught division today. I know, it’s very hard for the teachers to learn 3 years’ (class 3, class 4 and class 5) contents in 4 days, but thanks to the new syllabus, they have to teach abacus from this year even if it’s a remote island like here. Good luck!

We will go around 2 schools and monitor their teaching next week. We are supposed to leave Niuafo’ou next week, 17 Feb, but the airplane is likely to be cancelled easily because of bad weather. If it’s cancelled, we can leave here two weeks later, 3 March.

Around noon, the principal of GPS ‘Alele’uta Salesi gave me a kava cup. It’s very small so fits my body size and I am able to avoid drinking too much kava. I want to go to a kava party, but my mouth is still not good.

After work, Miki and I went to TCC, the telephone company, to recharge batteries. I recharged my lap top PC and digital camera. It costs 10 pa’anga (500 yen) but it cannot be helped. This is Niuafo’ou.

On the way back to our accommodation, I found a police motorbike. There is a police officer in Niuafo’ou.

The main transportation in this island is…horse (or walk). The population is about 500 and there are only a few cars.

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