18 February, 2011

18th Feb. I am writing my blog every day.

I am writing my blog every day.
2月18日 毎日ブログを書いています

It was raining heavily today as well, so I went to the biggest shop, Melie mei langi. My sentence may not be logical, but it can’t be helped. This is Niuafo’ou life.
 I bought 2 boxes of matches and 2 mosquito coils. Because we are forced to extend our stay in Niuafo’ou, we are short of mosquito coils, and because of the rain our matches became wet and don’t work well.
 Even if it rains heavily and I put on repellent well, the mosquitoes come to bite me. I am really loved by them.

When the rain became lighter, I visited GPS ‘Alele’uta. Palu was teaching science.

This is Sioeli’s class. They were drawing a picture.

I taught extra abacus technique to the principal Salesi. He did it in TIOE 9 years ago, but he forgot it. He started to remember it and he is interested in going to Japan to participate in an abacus camp. I will teach him the level 5 technique next week. On the other hand, I hope that I can go back to Tongatapu early next week.

After that, I visited Niua-High-School, then I asked the principal Viliami to recharge my lap top battery with a generator. By chance, the other teacher Oluka was using a desk top PC with the generator power so I borrowed the electricity.
 In Niuafo’ou, only a few places (schools, churches, the telephone company etc) have generators, and they use it periodically so I managed to recharge my lap top and camera battery. Even if I am in such an inconvenient place, I never stop writing my blog, although I cannot update it without electricity and the Internet.

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