23 February, 2011

23rd Feb. I have become a Niua-High-School’s teacher.

I have become a Niua-High-School’s teacher.
2月23日 ニウア高校の先生になりました。

At 8:30 I visited Niua-High-School and taught Japanese for the form 1 students.

I taught 50 Japanese characters, Hiragana, to them. I know it’s too difficult for them but I cannot teach for a long time so I did it.
 I had a purpose that if they can write down their name in Japanese characters, they may be able to make friends with Japanese easily. That’s great!
At the end of the class, all of the students wrote down their name in Japanese characters.

I taught about 10 phrases to them. Ohayo gozaimasu=Good morning, Ogenki desuka?=How are you?, Konnichiwa=Hello, Konbanwa=Good evening, Arigatou=Thank you and so on. This is their greeting.
[Movie]Niua-High-School’s greeting動画:(16sec)

After that, I taught form 2 students about Tongatapu. By chance, I had a lap top PC, so I showed a lot of pictures for them. Finally I introduced abacus questions (Flash problem in each island’s competition) and competed with them. We enjoyed a lot.
I may be almost Niua-High-School’s teacher.

After my class, I gave No.277 YAMANEKO doll to Niua-High-School. This is the principal Viliami, who was the principal of Ha’apai-High-School last year. We met at the abacus competition in Ha’apai.
He put the YAMANEKO doll on the principal’s desk. Now, 5 YAMANEKO are in Niuafo’ou.

Talo, Soane and Joe have completed this building, a seismological observatory. Thank you for your trouble.

It was a sports day today. I took a lot of pictures and gave it to Niua-High-School. They were pleased because they don’t have a camera.
[Movie]Sports day動画:(45sec)

They have a similar exercise to Japan. 
[Movie]Sports day動画:(26sec)

Following that, Palu took us to a new sightseeing point. It’s located at Sapa’ata village.

After 30 minutes walk, we arrived at the point. There is a big sand mountain; I may be able to say a sand cliff. This place will be the last sightseeing point. Thank you Palu.
[Movie]Sports day動画:(16sec,42sec,25sec)

I gave No.278 YAMANEKO doll to Palu’s house. Palu, Sioeli and Ma’asa are living at the same place. Every time they see this YAMANEKO, they remember me, and this YAMANEKO will remind them that they have to teach abacus every day.

He put the YAMANEKO next to their phone. Malo ‘aupito.

At night, I went to a kava party. It will be the last kava party, because we received the information that the airplane will be able to come to Niuafo’ou tomorrow evening, 3 o’clock. I don’t know what happened. Anyway, at last I can go back to Tongatapu.
[Movie]The last kava party動画:(28sec)

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