08 February, 2011

8th Feb. Technical Guidance

Technical Guidance
2月8日 技術指導だぞ
I taught addition and subtraction today. Tomorrow I will teach multiplication, and then I am supposed to teach division the day after tomorrow.
 I have not taught abacus for a long time, maybe for two months, because I let Sefo teach it as a main teacher. This time, Sefo is in Niuatoputapu, the other Niuas group island.

There are 4 teachers in GPS ‘Alele’uta. Class 2 &3, and Class 4&5 are a combined class. All class rooms are well-organized.

By the way, there is no mobile phone service in Niuafo’ou Island. In addition, after we came here the land line phone was broken due to the company problem. They need a part to fix it, and the part will come from Tongatapu, but the next boat (it was supposed to come here tomorrow) was delayed until next week because of bad weather.
No one can contact to this island until we leave here (17 Feb) and if the weather is bad, our airplane will be delayed. This is the situation on a remote island.
Although, the JICA office asked me to put the satellite phone’s switch off except for when I call, I am wondering how they will contact me when they have to tell me something.

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