05 February, 2011

5th Feb. I swam in the volcanic pool.

I swam in the volcanic pool.
2月5日 火山のプールで泳いだぞ

It was Saturday. I woke up around 10 o’clock because of the kava’s effect. After we ate breakfast….

the CDU members started sleeping, so I read my presentation document while lying down on a long chair.

After we ate lunch, the CDU members started sleeping again, so I decided to go for a normal walk with Miki, who belongs to an English room in CDU. The roads in Niuafo’ou are unpaved and black because they are made from lava.

The wall is made with lava stone.

This is a traditional Tongan house, which is made of coconut leaves. Though the island remains traditional style, compared with the others, we rarely see these houses. Almost all people live in modern houses.

On the way, we decided to go to the volcanic lake. It takes 2 hours to get there. Niuafo’ou is a volcanic island and there are houses outside of the somma, the outer rim of a volcanic crater. On the other hand, there are two lakes, Vai Lahi & Vai Si’i, inside of the somma. These are the photos we took on the way to the top of the somma. The ocean is the South Pacific Ocean.
The two kids are Saia and Kalo. We met them at Kolofo’ou village by chance and they guided us to get there. Thank you very much.
 途中で火山湖へ行く事を決めました。2時間かかります。ニウアフォオウは火山島で、外輪山の外側に家があり、一方内側にはVai Si’iVai Lahiと言う 2つの湖があります。これらの写真は外輪山の頂上に行くまでの写真です。海は南太平洋です。

[Movie]On the way to the top動画:(4 sec,)

These are the photos we took when we were coming down from the top to the lake. The lake close to us is Vai Si’i, and the other one is Vai Lahi.
これらは外輪山から湖に下る時に撮った写真です。手前に写っている湖がVai Si’iで、もう1つがVai Lahiです。

[Movie]On the way to the lake side動画:(13 sec,13 sec, 9 sec, 22 sec, 16 sec, 17 sec, 12 sec)

On the way, we were very thirsty, but Saia picked coconuts for us. He is very wild.
[Movie]Coconut 動画:(22 sec,23 sec)

Saia’s younger sister Kalo is howling. I was not sure the meaning; anyway she is wild as well.
[Movie]Howling動画:(10 sec)

We swam in the lake Vai Lahi. “vai” means “water” and “lahi” means “big” in Tongan.
 Vai Lahi湖で泳ぎました。Vaiは水、Lahiは大きいという意味です。
[Movie]Vai Lahi & Vai Si’i動画:(25 sec, )

After that, Saia and Torojiro jumped in the lake, Vai Si’i. “Si’i” means “small”. We are completely Niuafo’ou residents.
Thank you for guiding us Saia and Kalo.
 そのあと、Saia君とTorojiro先生はVai Si’i 湖に飛び込みました。Si’iとは小さいという意味です。我々は完全にニウアフォオウ住民です。ほぼ野人です(笑)
[Movie]Jumping in the lake動画:(9 sec, 16 sec, 38 sec)
Thank you for your walking Miki. She walked very well with her 100 kg body. We had an exciting time with each other.

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