04 February, 2011

4th Feb. Niuafo’ou Island

Niuafo’ou Island
2月4日 ニウアフォオウ島だぞ

Around 6 thirty, I left my house for the airport. I was very sleepy. At the airport, we were not allowed to bring any excess luggage to Niuafo’ou Island, because the airplane is 8-passenger. I left 28 pupils’ abacuses. Hopefully next week, some CDU officer will send it to the island.

First, we went to Vava’u Island to take a connecting flight. Our airplane was full enough. It took an hour.

Long time no see! 1 week has passed since last time I came here.

On the way to Niuafo’ou, I sat in the copilot seat. Maybe because I am very small compared with the other Tongan members. It takes another an hour to get Niuafo’ou.
[Movie]From the airplane動画:(10sec)

Oh, that’s Niuafo’ou Island! It’s a volcanic island and it has a very big lake inside and there are 4 small islands in the lake.
[Movie]From the airplane動画:(45sec, 8sec, 39sec)

The island doesn’t have any beach, because it’s made by a lava flow.

Niuafo’ou’s airport is bigger than ‘Eua’s.

Of course it was my first time to come here but I met 4 acquaintances when I arrived. The man posing on the load-carrying is Palu, who was my TIOE student in 2009. I will tell you later about the other 3 acquaintances.

At the accommodation Niua-High-School’s principal Bila looked after us. I met him in Ha’apai when the abacus competition was held. He was a guest of honor from Ha’apai-High-School at that time. He will be here for 2 years and move to Niuatoputapu. Thank you for your trouble.
 By the way, he is exactly the same age as me.

This is my room. It’s not so bad.

Around 7 o’clock, I went for a normal walk (not an aggressive walk). Everything was new for me.

I thought there would be a lot of traditional houses made of coconut leaves, but actually almost all houses are modern type and they have a solar panel for power generation.

At night, I went to a kava party with Bila. I drank kava until I was very drunk. I may go to the kava party every night.

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