03 February, 2011

3rd Feb. Iridium (Satellite Phone)

Iridium (Satellite Phone)
2月3日 イリディウム(衛星携帯)だぞ

I prepared for Niuafo’ou and for Sefo, who is my counterpart. Sefo is in Niuatoputapu (another Niuas group island) now and he is supposed to come back to Tongatapu next week. I am going to stay in Niuafo’ou for 2 weeks from tomorrow; it means Sefo has to work alone for 1 week until I come back to Tongatapu.
I made an original document of a Term End Test (Sefo can ask the printing room to photocopy), documents of TIOE (Sefo can imagine what he should do at the beginning of our class) and prepared 3 PC software (Sefo can improve his abacus skills). I hope he can spend a good time while I am away from CDU.

The JICA office lent me an iridium phone which uses a satellite, maybe because I may not be able to use my mobile phone in Niuafo’ou Island (it’s 600 km away from Tongatapu and very rural).  Though its size is outdated, too big, it has a great function. But we are not sure whether it works in the island or not because no JICA volunteers concerned has been there nowadays.  Anyway, I will do my best. Maybe I cannot update my blog for 2 weeks. Look after yourself.

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