06 February, 2011

6th Feb. Sunday in Niuafo’ou

Sunday in Niuafo’ou
2月6日 ニウアフォオウの日曜日だぞ

At 10 o’clock, we went to church. It was the same as Tongatapu.
[Movie]Church動画:(10 sec)

After lunch, we took a nap.

When I woke up, a lot of ants were carrying this cockroach, which I trampled last night. How powerful they are!
[Movie]Carrying a cockroach動画:(30sec)

Following that, I went to a bakery. There are only 2 bakeries in the island.

The bakery is in an ordinary house. The mother is making bread 3 days a week (Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday), and she makes 600 loaves of bread each day.

On the way to the bakery, a pony was playing with its mother.
[Movie]  Pony動画:(9 sec)

After that, I had nothing to do so I went for a walk to the western direction. As is often the case with such a rural island, even if I walk hard there is nothing special.
[Movie]Nothing special動画:(17 sec, 11 sec)

Anyway, it’s sure YAMANEKO and Torojiro are in Niuafo’ou.


At night, a generator was working next to our accommodation. We asked the man to let us recharge our electric equipments’ battery. Thanks to the generator I can write my blog, though I cannot update it into my website.

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