16 February, 2011

16th Feb. Disappointment

2月16日 ガーン・・・

It was raining heavily as well, so our visit to GPS Tongamama’o was cancelled.
[Movie]Heavy rain動画:(10sec)

It was supposed to be a happy day, because we can go back to Tongatapu tomorrow.
But suddenly the serious information came. Our airplane tomorrow was canceled because of the bad weather. The airplane company may arrange another airplane for us next week. Anyway, we cannot go back to Tongatapu this week. Oh my god…
[Movie]Heavy rain動画:(10sec)

In addition, the ceiling in my room started to leak.

We saw this egg. This is a megapode’s egg. It is an endangered bird and lives only in Niuafo’ou. I was surprised that Niuafo’ou people eat the eggs. They should protect them.

At 6 o’clock, Miki and I went for a walk. This is the airport, which is one of our sightseeing points. I was tired of watching the scenery.

This is a normal church. I want to go for an aggressive walk. What a boring day.

I did everything in this island. I want to go back at once, but I may stay here another 2 weeks. Oh man!
 I want to drink beer, eat Japanese or Chinese food, watch TV, use the Internet, use the electricity, speak Japanese……I listened to the Japanese novel, Rashoumon and Maihime, by my electric dictionary not to forget the Japanese language.

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