25 February, 2011

25th Feb. Luxurious Passenger Boat

Luxurious Passenger Boat
2月25日 豪華客船だぞ

  It was normal today, but I was still tired and seemed to live at Niuafo’ou pace.

Around noon, I visited the JICA office and dormitory, then I met Shouko. We decided to go to a Chinese restaurant. We arranged to meet K-G and Aya at Precious Stone restaurant. This is K-G, who is one of our “Old Boy’s Meeting” members.
 お昼頃、JICAオフィスとドミトリーへ行きました。そこでShoukoちゃんに会い、中華料理店へ行くことにしました。KGAyaちゃんとPrecious Stoneレストランで待ち合わせる事にしました。写真はおっさん部会メンバーのKGです。kg(キログラム)ではないそうです。

After work, I visited the JICA office again. When I was in the JICA dormitory, we received the information that two luxurious passenger boats are anchored in Nuku’alofa Harbor, so we went to see them. One boat had already gone, but the other one was there. Tongatapu is a coral island and it has an inland sea so the waves are calm. We don’t have to use a rescue boat when we take a boat like Niuafo’ou. It is normal isn’t it?

Maybe it will go to Samoa. Have a safe trip!

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