24 February, 2011

24th Feb. At last

At last
2月24日 ようやく・・・

It was sunny today as well. At last I can go back to Tongatapu. I washed my clothes many times without a washing machine.

Bye-bye my room. It might be my first time that I stayed in the same room such a long time, 21 days, as a tourist.

Around 1 o’clock, we arrived at the airport. This is a monument, which commemorates the previous king, George Tupou , who came here in 1982.

Oh! The airplane has come. Long time no see!
[Movie]Airplane 動画:(24sec)

A lot of students came to see us off.


    Thank you for coming. I will never forget you. ‘Ofa atu!

Time to go!
[Movie]Airplane 動画:(73sec)

Bye-bye Niuafo’ou. It will be an unforgettable memory, because this island is completely different from the other islands. There is no electricity, mobile phone, tap water and so on. The main transportation is a horse. Soil is made from lava so it’s black. The island has a big lake in the middle something like that. It’s almost impossible to come here as a volunteer even as a Tongan because it’s too far from Tongatapu.
[Movie]Scenery from the airplane 動画:(176sec)

It was a direct flight to Tongatapu, very rare. I took the longest course, 600km, as a domestic flight in Tonga. After 2 hours at last we arrived at Tongatapu.

What I really wanted to do was eat Asian food, because I am fed up with eating Tongan food. I like Tongan food, but I had to eat it every day every meal. Maybe I ate it more than 50 times in 3 weeks. After I came back to my house, immediately I went to a Chinese restaurant, Gold Coast, and ordered rice, dumpling and mabo-tofu. I have not eaten rice for a long time. I felt I am Japanese.

After that, I visited the JICA dormitory and checked my e-mail. I received 186 e-mails. Oh my god. Of course, it will take me a lot of time to reply.

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  1. Hello there! Sorry for being so random, but I was cruising around searching for some information about the Isalnd of Niua fo'ou where I hailed from but have never step foot there and somehow I came across your archive.Loved it and I'm planning my trip there soon.
    Sayonara :)