09 February, 2011

9th Feb. The first YAMANEKO in Niuafo’ou

The first YAMANEKO in Niuafo’ou
2月9日 ニウアフォオウ初山ネコだぞ

I called on Dr. Viliami before our workshop. He looked after me on Monday evening, though it was 6 o’clock, he willingly opened his hospital again. Thanks to the medicine he gave me, my mouth is getting better.

I gave No.273 YAMANEKO doll to him. This is the first YAMANEKO doll in Niuafo’ou. Of course it has become the most remote YAMANEKO doll from the capital ( Nukualofa) in Tonga.

I taught multiplication today. It seems as if I am teaching hard.

These are the GPS Tongamama’o teachers. They are a married couple.

These are GPS ‘Alele’uta teachers.

This is Monika. We are working at the same room, mathematics, in CDU

This is Talahiva, the most powerful woman in CDU.

This is an English member Miki. She is walking every morning in Niuafo’ou.

This is Feauini, who is a Tongan language officer. I heard from them, they are all more than 100 kg. Wow!
 Of course I am far from 100 kg…

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