12 February, 2011

12th Feb. Doctor’s stop was released.

Doctor’s stop was released.
2月12日 ドクターストップ解除だぞ

It had been raining from early morning to 4 o’clock PM so we couldn’t do anything today. The sloping road in front of our accommodation becomes a river when it rains heavily.
[Movie] Rain river動画:(25sec)

The CDU members asked me to go shopping in such a heavy rain, so I went shopping. The No.1 biggest shop, Melie mei langi, was closed so I went to the other shops. This is the No.2 biggest shop.
 こんな激しい雨の中、CDUのおばちゃん達は買い物に行くように頼んできました。一番大きいMelie mei langiは閉まっていました。だから他の店に行きました。これは2番目に大きい店です。

This is the No.3 biggest shop, maybe. The shop keepers were very kind.

This is the No.4 shop, maybe. I just passed.

This is the No.5 shop, maybe. I just passed.


On the way, I visited the airport. If the departure date, 17 Feb, is like today the airplane cannot come to Niuafoo’ou. It means it will not be delayed until 18 Feb, but that we need to stay 2 more weeks. It’s strange isn’t it?

After that I met a man, who came from Te’ekiu Tongatapu. His name is Talo, he is making a JICA’s order, a seismic wave measuring instrument close to Niua-High-School.

Following that, I found a car in the mud.

I met kids playing on the road. They were making a dam with soil. The things, which kids do, are not so different from Japan but this is Main Street in Niuafo’ou.

I am tired of eating Tongan food, because every day and every meal is Tongan food. In my usual life, I eat many kinds of food unconsciously in Tongatapu. There is only Tongan food in Niuafo’ou.


At last, I could go to a kava party. After last Friday, my mouth had been terrible. Today, I finished all my medicines and though my mouth has not recovered completely, the doctor allowed me to go there.

GPS ‘Alele’uta’s principal Salesi and Palu, who was my TIOE student, were singing. We had a very good time.
 Maybe almost all Niuafo’ou residents (only males) are going to a kava party every day.
[Movie] Kava party動画:(29sec, 20sec)

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