21 February, 2011

21st Feb. Sunny Day

Sunny Day
2月21日 晴れたぞ

2 weeks has passed since last time it was fine. At last we visited GPS Tongamama’o, which is far away from our accommodation. It takes 30 minutes by car and the road is very rough, almost bushes.

This is Tongamama’o students. There are only 2 teachers and 18 students. When we arrived, the kids were playing in the school grounds.
[Movie]Playing kids動画:(12 sec, 10 sec)

This is Marieta’s class (class 3 students). She is teaching to class 1, 2 and 3. Though I taught abacus to class 3 today, I recommended her to teach it for all, because she is the only one teacher for them.

I taught abacus politely, because it’s their first time. I advised how to teach it to Marieta. After that, I taught it to Kiko’s class (class 4, 5 and 6). I worked very hard today.
[Movie]Torojiro’s teaching動画:(39 sec)

This is the scenery of GPS Tongamama’o. How rural the place is! This primary school is located in a remote village in a remote island.
[Movie]GPS Tongamama’o動画:(16 sec)

I gave No.276 YAMANEKO doll to Kiko and Marieta. They are husband and wife. Kiko came from Tongatapu Island and Marieta is a native of Niuafo’ou.

After we went back home, Miki and I went for a walk to Sapa’ata, which is close to the airport. I found a beautiful flower.

On the way back, we visited the airport. Someone was cutting grass by tractor. He said, they have already told the condition of Niuafo’ou aidport (whether a runway is muddy or not) to Tongatapu. Tomorrow, the main office of this airplane company will decide when the airplane can come.
 Because we could visit GPS Tongamama’o at last, I have nothing to do completely. I seem to be the volunteer, who was demoted to a rural island. Although, I was happy, when I taught abacus directly to the kids.
 Above all, I am anxious about the meeting, which I’ve fixed on Friday this week, because I have to call Hirono and Kimika from ‘Eua and Ha’apai. Oh my goodness.
 とりわけ、今週金曜日に設定した会議の事が心配です。HironoさんとKimikaさんを‘Eua Ha'apaiから呼ばなければならないので・・・。なんてこった。

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