17 February, 2011

17th Feb. Poor

2月17日 かわいそうに・・・

It was raining heavily as well, so our visiting to GPS Tongamama’o was cancelled. I cannot relax at the accommodation any more so I visited GPS ‘Alele’uta on foot.
 This is class 2 & 3 students. Sioeli takes charge of this class. They have almost completed a place value (which rod is the ones, tenth…).

This is class 4 & 5, Palu’s class. They are practicing a greeting in English. The girl standing is Kalo, who guided Miki and I to the lakes (Vai Lahi & Vai Si’i).

After that, I gave No.274 YAMANEKO doll to ‘Eva. She is almost 100% Niuafo’ou resident.

And then, I gave No.275 YAMANEKO doll to Salesi. He is the principal of this school. I could not give it to Palu and Sioeli, maybe tomorrow.

After GPS ‘Alele’uta, I visited Niua-High-School. It has a lot of problems with the building. Poor school…

This is the main gate of the school. It was my first time to come here, because I always use a short cut way in the bush. It was new for me about this island. That’s great!
 It means there is nothing new anymore.

I went to the airport. If the weather was fine, we would go back to Tongatapu today…Poor us.

By the way, dogs in Niuafo’ou have a distinct hierarchical society. If the dog belongs to the upper class, it can eat a lot. On the other hand, if not, it will be terribly skinny. Poor dog…

Puppies are not the exception. Poor the little dog…

 I am completely tired of Niuafo’ou life. I want to go back to Tongatapu at once. Niuafo’ou life is as if I were in a developing country. Though the whole of Tonga is a developing country.

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