11 February, 2011

11th Feb. The dangerous wharf in Niuafo’ou

The dangerous wharf in Niuafo’ou
2月11日 ニウアフォオウの危険な波止場だぞ

It was heavy rain today as well.
[Movie] Heavy Rain動画:(20sec)

We just helped the teachers plan this year’s schedule. At the beginning of the year, Tongan teachers have to write down what they teach in a weekly schedule book. Though they know the contents, it’s hard work.

Oh! Goats are coming into the class room.
[Movie] Goats 動画:(25sec)

After work, I went to TCC, the telephone company, to recharge batteries again. From the left Viliami, Torojiro and Malakai.
 I found that I met Viliami at a kava party in Ha’ateiho. He moved to Niuafo’ou this January for his work. Long time no see. I met my acquaintances often in this island.

This is the biggest shop (Melie mei langi), though there are only 2 or 3 shops in Niuafo’ou.
 これは最大の店Melie mei langiです。この島には2,3店の店しかないんですけどね・・・。

 Following that Miki and I decided to walk to the wharf, where food and people come from the other big islands.

On the way, we met the old man riding a horse. How wild!

After an hour, we arrived at the wharf (Futu wharf).
[Movie] On the way動画:(23sec)

[Movie] Niuafo’ou wharf動画:(27sec,)

The ocean is usually very rough, but this is the best point for boats in the island. When the boats separate from the wharf, immediately it becomes very deep and rough because this is a volcanic island, so big boats cannot anchor close to the wharf.
[Movie] Niuafo’ou wharf動画:(18sec, 16sec)

Though the photo is not mine, when a big boat comes the small boat go to the big one, and then passengers and a lot of food, for the residents, are moved to the small one. After that, passengers and food can reach the wharf. How dangerous this is!

There is a black sand beach beside the wharf but we cannot swim, because it becomes very deep immediately.
[Movie] Beach動画:(12sec,)

On the way back from the wharf, we found a lot of lava rocks. There used to be Futu village, but it was buried by the devastating eruption of 1929 波止場からの帰りに、溶岩を見つけました。ここにはFutu村がありました。しかし1927年の噴火の為に埋められてしまいました。

How big the bean is! Today’s sightseeing was great. But maybe we have nothing to do anymore in this island.

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